Technology Terms


A badge is a way for you to show off your tech accomplishments. During tech camp, you will learn about lots of interesting tools and gain experience using them. When you create projects using a tool, you will be demonstrating your tech know-how, helping you unlock and earn tech achievement badges.


Computers communicate in binary, using a series of 1's and 0's. Think of binary as a series of on or off switches.


Cascading Style Sheets provide the code needed for web browsers to determine how a web page should be laid out.


Central Processing Unit is the brains of the computer.

Digital Portfolio

A place to gather and show off your digital creations. You will create a wiki page as a digital portfolio.


Someone who takes things apart and tries things out to figures out how it works


HyperText Markup Language provides the code needed for web browsers to display the content of web pages.


Someone who creates something to share with others.

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