Cool Tools

Here are links to the cool tools you will be introduced to throughout Tech Camp. As a tool is introduced, it will be added to the list and you can use further during open work time. Feel free to check these tools out at home too.

Web Hacking

Image Hacking

  • Big Huge Labs (online) - create a poster, mosaic, movie poster and more
  • Paint.Net(PC) - awesome, free image editor
    • Chroma Key plug-in (PC) - add this file to the Effects directory of to edit green screen images
  • Phoenix (online) - image editor
  • piq (online) - draw pixel art
  • SumoPaint (online) - image creator with lots of cool effects

Code Hacking

  • CodeAvengers(online) - fun JavaScript tutorial
    • JS Bin (online) - try out your JavaScript code
  • Scratch(PC & Mac) - create awesomely fun games & animations, then upload and share with friends & family
  • StarLogo TNG (PC & Mac) - create your own 3D simulations

Computer Hacking

Puzzle Hacking

  • Binary Game (online) - try your luck at deciphering the computer language of binary
  • Hello Worlds (online) - mind-bending puzzle game
  • LightBot 2.0 (online) - program the bot to light things up
  • RoboRally (online) - see if you can program your robot to survive
  • Thinking Myself (online) - try solving these computing problems

Audio Hacking

  • Audacity (PC & Mac) - sound recorder & editor
  • Incompetech (online) - royalty free sound effects
  • Roc (online) - music creator

Game Hacking