Kinect2Scratch Projects from Tech Camp

Scurrybug Catching by Will

Download Scurrybug Catching

Space Wars by Cyrus

Download Space Wars


  • Request a download link for Kinect2Scratch for Windows 7/8 & follow the install instructions from this page. There is a Mac version, but I have not used it.
  • You will need plan for the space needs of the Kinect. It would be best to be able to have a wall as the background because if you face the Kinect inward on a room, anyone passing by will interfere with the game play.
  • Kinect2Scratch programming really happens best in pairs because someone is always needed to "test" the programming by playing it. Pairs could develop a game together or each could create their own game and help each other test them out.
  • Check out these videos from an outreach program in Japan to MS & HS girls.
  • See how others are using Kinect in education.
  • New to Scratch? Check out this MentorMob playlist to get started with creating your first video game. It includes video tutorials, planning worksheets & rubric.