Once there was a 4 year old boy.He lived in a nice house.His mom and dad were nice and he lived a happy life.But that doesn't matter right now.The Floobish starship E3FG8 rocketed through hyperspace with a Puffish attack cruiser right behind.The Puffish ship was occupied by none other than puffer fish from Earth that had floated into space when some fool had had an idea for puffer fish balloons.Half of the puffer fish population,gone.But when puffer fish got to space, they figured out that they were built for space.Flexible skin, the ability to hold their breath for long periods of time.They quickly became the dominant species.The Floobs used to be the dominate species, and hate the puffer fish for taking their place. Anyway, back to the story.The Floobs used their only defense, a C-class Proton Revolver Cannon, and blew up off one of the Puffish wings. The Puffish pilot puffed up, like all puffer fish do when their mad, and started firing missile after missile at the Floobish shuttle. Remember that kid from the beginning of this story? He was walking in the park with his mom when he saw the battle."Mom?" He said. "Why is a big puffer fish shooting laser beams at a spaceship?""I don't know, dear. Maybe he's angry." Said the mom without looking up.Back up in space, the battle continued.Of course, now that the Floobs had no defense, it wasn't much of a battle.The Floobs ran around, screaming.Red lights flashed. Someone was eating a pizza (Floobs are severely allergic to cheese.It clogs their digestive system and is therefore a form of poison.). The command bridge broke and the ship tumbled out of the sky. The closest gravity source was some blue planet with lots of green spots. The Floob's command bridge flew into the Puffish cruiser and sent it spiraling down with them.The puffer fish felt an otherworldly connection to this planet, an appropriate term since it was another world.